We’re funding individual projects and organizations, big and small.

Past recipients include individuals as well as larger organizations. With our support, we hope your STEAM project will have a lasting community impact and demonstrate growth in students of all ages.

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We believe that young people reap enormous benefits from participating in STEAM projects. And these benefits continue into adulthood as they spark careers that combine these interdisciplinary approaches. We want to help make more projects like these happen.

The Rickel Foundation identifies and funds projects which involve real-world problem-solving. We believe that joining Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) can bring creative solutions to the world's big challenges.

Middle school students in the Science program at Palm Beach Day used a combination of sculpture, design, data analysis, and marine biology to study and problem solve ways of protecting the coral reef in Florida.

STEM represents science, technology, engineering and maths. “STEAM” represents STEM plus the arts – humanities, language arts, dance, drama, music, visual arts, design and new media.

Community Impact 

We are focused on providing solutions to today’s concerns through thoughtful, sustainable practices and greater social awareness. We strive to improve our communities by supporting broader participation in educational and environmental concerns. 


The STEAM approach encourages divergent thinking and generates new technologies and ideas. With no boundaries between the arts and sciences, active engagement from diverse fields will force change through innovation. 

Future Focused

STEAM is the future of student centered, inquiry-based education. The Annette Urso Rickel Foundation aims to equip young people to respond to real-world challenges with creative approaches.