STEAM Funding

What Is STEAM? STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. STEAM is an educational framework that teaches critical thinking and creative problem solving by utilizing resources and research across disciplines. Through inquiry-based dialogue, STEAM embraces a real world approach that meets the needs of our rapidly evolving, global society. We add the A in STEAM because we believe the arts is an integral powerhouse that ignites students’ imagination as lifelong learners. 

Why is STEAM Education Important? 

STEAM education aligns with 21st- century skills needed for students to succeed in their careers by providing opportunities for collaboration, technological and media literacy as well as flexibility. We want students to question the world they live in, research ways to improve it, present their findings, and reflect on the process. The power of STEAM unifies disciplines in a seamless way by purposefully making use of scientific, technological, engineering, and design methods as needed to support our world in the Information Age. STEAM is what is happening now in just about every field, from business to biology, and we’re here to reinforce the importance of integration toward innovation. 

What does the Rickel Foundation look for in funding STEAM Projects?

The Rickel Foundation aims to support individuals and organizations with 501(c)(3) status who bring together elements of STEAM education to benefit students as well as the larger community. We’re funding a number of projects in South Florida — learn more about the projects we’ve funded, or apply with your unique vision and help us expand into new places.