Steam Logo Vector Download

We’re releasing our “STEAM” logo to download and use for free! We are strong believers in the power of STEAM, which takes the idea of STEM and expands its cross-discipline approach with the creative power of the arts. Vector download links below!

STEAM stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics” and builds off of the time-honored standard of “STEM”. While STEM focuses explicitly on on the hard scientific, technological, engineering or mathematical skills as a method to drive progress in society, STEAM recognizes that it takes both hard and soft skills to solve big problems.

In other words, its not just the addition of “The Arts”, but is about the skill transfer that happens when learning these artistic endeavours. A student who can read and write playful stories early in life, will be better equipped to communicate complex ideas later in life, and thus expand further scientific fields.

We believe the “STEAM” logo above conveys the essence of STEAM and communicate a message of innovation, curiosity, and collaboration. The versatile logo can be used on your website, in print, and in other areas to promote STEAM. It should not be used for sale or in commercial endeavors.

Download Links:

STEAM Vector .SVG Web Vector Download 38 KB
STEAM Vector .EPS Adobe Illustrator Download 1.4 MB
STEAM Raster .PNG Image Download 350 KB

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